The Tao, Health and Oils

Oils are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to nourish our bodies and our souls. Oil itself are compounded nutrients, juices and love that flow from our plant friends with sometimes potent, and often very healing capabilities.

There are oils that we currently use today for many different uses… cooking, alternative health and support of wellness through essential oils, and even oils that we now use for vaporizing and vaping, the alternative to smoking. So many great uses for oil, and often very healthy and in support of Tao energy.

Cooking Oils

For cooking, we recommend the use of coconut oil, olive oil, in their most raw, pure forms possible.

Essential Oils

For essential oils, there are so many we could recommend, based on the health ailments you are personally dealing with, and what your body needs. We recommend a great essential oils company called Tao Essential Oils, who is aligned very much so with our values and beliefs. They can help point you in the right direction, and the right recommended essential oils based on your health conditions, and other factors. Tao Essential Oils only deals with the purest, most raw form of the plant oils and are the highest grade, premium oils that you can buy, and are sure to be the most effective on the marketing for essential oils.

Vaping Oils (Vape Juices)

If you are trying to quit smoking, the new vaporizer, vape technologies can really help you get away from harmful cigarettes and the thousands of chemical additives that are killing your body. For a great smoking experience with only a handful of harmless ingredients you could use vaping oils (also known as vape juices), in a handheld vaporizer to smoke. You can check out vape starter kits from our friends at My Fresh Vape, who are excellent at helping you find exactly the right kit for your needs as a smoker, and can also help you get into the right juices based on your own personal flavor preferences.

The Tao Master’s Game: American Baseball

The Tao Master’s Game: American Baseball

It’s the good ole’ American Tradition.

Some people call it slow.

Some people think its boring.

But hey, for those of you who can appreciate life slowing down from time to time, baseball is a sporting fan’s dream.

Every out. Every strike. Every pitch. They matter. And can be an edge of the seat kind of game when you really sink your mind into it. Especially come October when its playoff fall baseball – it just can’t be beat.

I love watching kids learn the art of the game. Sure, they can watch the big leaguers on TV or at the ballpark, but the real magic happens out on the field.

Our community recently invested in some pitching machines through the great people at Phantom Pitching Machines. And we’re so excited to watch our kids get some great practice in and prepare themselves for the Saturday morning little league games. There’s magic in the youth of baseball, and there’s magic in the big games like the playoffs and World Series too.

So, for me, I certainly don’t mind the pace. I actually quite enjoy the pace and the intensity that the game of baseball brings to the zen taoist seeking sports fan.

Getting Thoughts Out Onto a Blog for Zen Presence State of Mind

Getting Thoughts Out Onto a Blog for Zen Presence State of Mind

One of the most important things we can do to learn to achieve more presence in our lives and enter into a zen state of mind, is to empty our minds. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

However, the greatest tool at your disposal is writing.

Your ability to express yourself and get your thoughts out onto paper is absolutely incredibly powerful and your greatest weapon in combatting the “monkey-mind”.

While the pen and paper are still powerful, now you have so many other options to get your thoughts out. One of those ways is blogging, and this is the choice for many people in the modern digital age. Its an excellent way to relieve an overloaded mind, but also put your thoughts out there into the world for others to connect with and respond to.

This blog, for example, allows for challenging thoughts around the Tao, finding zen and present moment living and attracts readers that are interested in engaging in those topics, but it is also an outlet for our writers to release their inner brain chatter.

So, one the best ways for you to get started with a blog is to use WordPress. For the most part WordPress is the easiest tool to create a great looking website at very little cost, and the support and development community is superior to everything else out there.

For beginners, we recommend a wordpress Tutorial site like WPAcademy which has a host of plugins reviews, video lessons and much more. it makes getting started a cinch, and using it will ensure that you’ll be up and running in no time at all.


Let us know how your dumping of the mind through a wordpress blog site goes for you! We’d be interested in your experience and following your writing online.wordpress tutorial

Fung Shui Home Shopping

I’m moving to the perfect place for a Taoist.

The middle of the blue ridge mountains in Western North Carolina. Absolute serenity.

Peace and quiet for reasonable costs for private land.

The homes are absolutely gorgeous.

I’m working with Asheville luxury real estate expert, Kathleen Blanchette. She’s amazing. She’s one of the few realtors that have been in the business for a seasoned while and really knows her area and luxury home customers well. Kathleen is a true concierge realtor and real estate broker.

To find homes available in the Asheville and surrounding WNC blue ridge mountain area, be sure to utilize her website.

When looking for a home, take Fung Shui and energy into account. Look for the perfect place that will enable you to breathe and have the spiritual space you need to be mentally and holistically clear and refreshed.

Also, when evaluating Asheville for living, don’t be afraid to explore some of the beautiful mountain towns surrounding Asheville like Hendersonville, Flat Rock, Black Mountain, Waynesville, Weaverville, Saluda and more. They all have their own unique flavors and personalities and you’ll enjoy the process of exploring!


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