Want to clear your brain of all the stresses, pressures and things that you can’t stop thinking about?

A clear mind is a present mind… a mindful mind.

You can be more true to yourself, healthier, and fully present when you are able to release some of your patternistic thoughts. Here’s a great exercise. Doodle. Draw. Journal. Get it all out onto paper. Want an even more effective way to do this release?

Create a large whiteboard wall in your home or office. Take up the entire wall space! The bigger the better. Studies show that the larger the area you are using to express yourself and dump your brain, the better the release is overall. Make yourself work and exercise for this release of thoughts – it’s worth it. And it’s more fun!

Imagine a wall that now contains all of the stuff that you were holding inside. Now your brain doesn’t have to do the work of managing it, holding it, worrying about it. The wall can do that. And now you are free to have space in your mind, be free of thoughts, and be cleansed of that pressure.

The Taoist way is a mindful and present way without brain clutter. Free your monkey mind and become healthier and truer to yourself.

Whiteboard walls are easy to create and not expensive.