Oils are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to nourish our bodies and our souls. Oil itself are compounded nutrients, juices and love that flow from our plant friends with sometimes potent, and often very healing capabilities.

There are oils that we currently use today for many different uses… cooking, alternative health and support of wellness through essential oils, and even oils that we now use for vaporizing and vaping, the alternative to smoking. So many great uses for oil, and often very healthy and in support of Tao energy.

Cooking Oils

For cooking, we recommend the use of coconut oil, olive oil, in their most raw, pure forms possible.

Essential Oils

For essential oils, there are so many we could recommend, based on the health ailments you are personally dealing with, and what your body needs. We recommend a great essential oils company called Tao Essential Oils, who is aligned very much so with our values and beliefs. They can help point you in the right direction, and the right recommended essential oils based on your health conditions, and other factors. Tao Essential Oils only deals with the purest, most raw form of the plant oils and are the highest grade, premium oils that you can buy, and are sure to be the most effective on the marketing for essential oils.

Vaping Oils (Vape Juices)

If you are trying to quit smoking, the new vaporizer, vape technologies can really help you get away from harmful cigarettes and the thousands of chemical additives that are killing your body. For a great smoking experience with only a handful of harmless ingredients you could use vaping oils (also known as vape juices), in a handheld vaporizer to smoke. You can check out vape starter kits from our friends at My Fresh Vape, who are excellent at helping you find exactly the right kit for your needs as a smoker, and can also help you get into the right juices based on your own personal flavor preferences.