It’s the good ole’ American Tradition.

Some people call it slow.

Some people think its boring.

But hey, for those of you who can appreciate life slowing down from time to time, baseball is a sporting fan’s dream.

Every out. Every strike. Every pitch. They matter. And can be an edge of the seat kind of game when you really sink your mind into it. Especially come October when its playoff fall baseball – it just can’t be beat.

I love watching kids learn the art of the game. Sure, they can watch the big leaguers on TV or at the ballpark, but the real magic happens out on the field.

Our community recently invested in some pitching machines through the great people at Phantom Pitching Machines. And we’re so excited to watch our kids get some great practice in and prepare themselves for the Saturday morning little league games. There’s magic in the youth of baseball, and there’s magic in the big games like the playoffs and World Series too.

So, for me, I certainly don’t mind the pace. I actually quite enjoy the pace and the intensity that the game of baseball brings to the zen taoist seeking sports fan.